Your all-in-one School Solution in the New Normal

Automated Temperature Check with Attendance

Meal Pre-Ordering

Online Fee Payment

Cashless Cafeteria & Coop

Everything your school needs at your fingertips

Enabling school, parents and students to access all information in a centralized place

You can automate your operations to keep your school safe & secure


Streamlines your school operations, minimize teacher’s workload and get things run at peace of mind

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Information made easy at your fingertips, organized in one place, accessible at anywhere, anytime

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Smart Integration with various credentials

Smart Card



QR Code


Smart ID Issuance

EDUPurS provides an integrated single card & ID for many use. The solution enables school to issue smart card, wristband, enroll biometric, QR code or mobile credential for staff and student. The single card or ID acts as credential to authenticate the access at entrance, capture attendance, pay at canteen or coop and many more

Temperature Check

Seamless integration with temperature screening device gives contactless and efficient way to adhere to Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). It helps to simplify your mandatory temperature check simultaneously reduce queue time, promote physical distancing to make your school or campus safer

Automated Time Attendance

EDUPurS equipped with time attendance capture to automate time-consuming in marking students as present or absent. It provides comprehensive and scalable reporting to align with MOE standard

Meal Pre-Ordering

Amidst the pandemic, canteen, cafeteria or coop are among the high risk area for staff and student. EDUPurS get you covered with Meal Pre-Ordering module that allows parent to order their kids meal in advance, student redeem meal at canteen or deliver to their table in class

Online Payment

Seamless & cashless online payment fees, trip and activities through FPX, debit and credit cards which made possible to monitor and track in single platform

Safe Pick Up

Student dismissal becomes easy with EDUPurS. The announcement of each arrival available for students at the LCD display and they straight make a move from classroom to the pick up area.

Bus Tracking

Monitor and track movement of the school bus from departure to arrival. Parents is able to receive real-time notifications when the kids embark or disembark the bus

Access Control

The all-in-one solution is integrated seamlessly with wide-variety of access control as a credential access to door entry system. Allowing you to secure your environment in user-friendly and sophisticated way

About EDUPurS

People first, then technology

EDUPurS is designed to automate your school operations with technology.

We always start with you. We understand your situation needs and wants to help you run your school efficiently, safe and secure. The compelling technology innovate to enhance school experience for your staff, students and parents


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